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Issue and issue quality for LEO's and current military personnel. Unique items for self defense, hand-to-hand combat and control of the criminal element. Stun guns, pepper spray, concealed carry.

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A selection of current issue swords and functional knives, stun guns, carry options and training guns.

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Tough clothing, jackets, uniforms, patches, pouches and more.

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Top Customer Reviews

Review of: US Marine Corps Ceremonial Saber Sword

I would really love to be able to give this item a solid 5 stars. Regrettably' it falls just short of the mark. It's a terrific replica of the Marine Cow Ceremonial Sword, My good friend, Alan, a Former Marine Corps Colonel and a proud possessor of the actual sword, thought it was the real thing until he held it and realized it was far too light. That didn't bother me as I only needed it as a lightweight visual costume prop. However, the lack of scabbard attachment rings on the scabbard itself was a bit of a bother.. I found it next to impossible to attach it to my belt. I wound up substituting another scabbard, and using the sward in that scabbard. So this sword would easily be a 5 star item unless you needed it to be attached to a field ready belt strap..
Reviewed by: Thomas, November 03, 2021

Review of: KA-BAR USMC Classic Stacked Leather Grip

Excellent product was presented to Marine of the year to our local reserve unit.
Reviewed by: James, June 29, 2021

Review of: US Marine Corps NCO Saber from Spain No Spine Serial Number

Excellent product was presented to NCO of the year to our local reserve unit.
Reviewed by: James, June 29, 2021

Review of: Night Watchman Tactical Mace

I work with my hands, so I keep this in my car.  If something goes down, I can do plenty of damage to someone with this great piece without worrying about damaging my hands.  Thank you.
Reviewed by: Brian, June 27, 2021

Review of: Leather Dress Sword Guard

This sword guard easily fits the enlisted personnel belt and holds the NCO sword nicely.  I like this guard better than the saber guard due to the loseness of the saber chains.  Some may find the saber chains easier for some command movements though.  I like the closer fit of the leather guard.
Reviewed by: Jay, June 12, 2020

Review of: Night Watchman Tactical Mace

Great size & balance with very durable construction. The menacing look alone should discourage most potential attackers. I bought several, gave them as gifts to family members, & everyone loved them.
Reviewed by: Gary, February 11, 2020

Review of: Night Watchman Tactical Mace

This is exactly what I have sought for so long.  It is perfect for my purposes of home self-defense - when answering the door.  It is very well balanced, solid, has excellent grip and retention qualities, and is perfectly weighted for one hand use in a confined space/area.  Further, the rubberized spikes will enable me to inflict the "NECESSARY" amount of force, without inflicting "unnecessary or lethal" damage that a "truly metal Spiked" club/mace could.  Thank you so much!  I highly recommend this Night Watchman Tactical Mace over any other such item
for this purpose!!
Scott W.
Lakeland, TN
Reviewed by: Scott, October 26, 2019

Review of: Night Watchman Tactical Mace

The Night Watchman Tactical Mace is a formidable hunk of polypropylene.  At about 1.5 pounds, the weight feels perfect.  The knob on the base of the handle is perfect.  Just like a knob on a baseball bat, the knob will really help keep the mace in your hand.  I’m very impressed.
Reviewed by: Brian, September 30, 2019

Review of: US Marine Corps NCO Saber from Spain

Excellent Marine Corps NCO Sword it is a must have. Very Very Very good quality
Reviewed by: Brian, December 21, 2018

Review of: Leather Dress Sword Guard

Great workmanship, works with my 1840 Army NCO sword. Fits my Enlisted ceremonial belt. I use it for honor guard duty
Reviewed by: Machell, January 04, 2015