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Swords from Toledo, Spain, are legendary

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The superior craftsmanship and hardness of the Spanish blades made them the brand of choice among kings and conquerors. Toledans still make swords.

The Spanish sword making tradition is centered in the City of Toledo, and Bermejo, S.A. has been the faithful keeper of this tradition since 1910.

Bermejo, S.A. is the oldest company dedicated to this activity and is the number one producer of military sword and sabers in the world.  Armies of the five continents adorn their uniforms with Bermejo''s swords. The respect for the classic manufacturing procedure and the experience of Bermejo´s workers in the working of the steels, together with the special attention paid to quality are the secret of Bermejo.

Confused about certification for USMC sabers?  Read more!

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US Marine Corps NCO Saber from Spain No Spine Serial Number

This US Marine Corps NCO Saber has No Spine Serial Number and is made in Spain by a government certified manufacturer. It comes in 4 blade lengths.
$295.95 $236.76

Official Navy CPO Cutlass

The new U.S. Navy CPO Cutlass was developed as a joint project with of the U.S. Naval Uniform Board. Made with a Toledo Spanish steel blade and heavy gold plating, it exceeds the required specs and sets it apart from all other non-official versions in the market.
$374.95 $299.96

US Marine Corps NCO Saber from Spain

The US Marine NCO sword is made of high-polished stainless steel. Detailed and appropriately etched according to government specifications.
$374.95 $299.96

US Marine Corps Officer's Saber from Spain

This certified US Marine Corps Officer's Saber from Spain is numbered and comes with a Government specified scabbard.
$449.95 $359.96