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Antique knives, antique kukris have had a few spellings, most common are kukri and khukuri, but basically it’s a mid-length curved knife comprising a distinctive Cho (notch) that is the national knife of Nepal. This shape is believed to have existed 2500 years ago; the Kopis used by the Greeks is the probable source of its design. In our modern times the kukri really came to prominence outside Nepal with the Nepal War in 1814-15 after the formation of British Gurkha Army. It was carried in a wood sheath covered in leather, most having a wooden grip or horn and traditionally having two small knives (one small knife for chores and the other left unsharpened for flint striking and to knock burrs from the main blade), it is one of the most famous and feared knives of the world. 

To some the most appealing and distinctive part of the kukri is the notch or Cho cut into the blade directly in front of the grip near its base. Its unique shape and utility objectives have been the source of much debate. The notch works as a blood stop to prevent fluid from going towards the handle so that a good grip can be maintained. Additionally it was to stop the sharpener when in use from reaching the handle. Religiously it signifies the Hindu fertility symbol (OM) and represents the sacred cows hoof. 

What is true is that all traditional kukri’s carry this notch. You can buy original kukri's from the arsenal of the Royal Nepalese Army as well as find modern day versions and machetes online at Atlanta Cutlery. Historic in every sense of the word, you have the rare opportunity to own a legendary antique Nepalese kukri since originally issued to Gurkha soldiers over a century ago. Discovered in the Royal Palace of Lagan Silekhana in Kathmandu they are real military treasures of a bygone era.

Learn more about the ancient Kukri in our learning center.

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Victorian Era Nepalese Officer’s Kukri

These Victorian Era kukri's were made by hand for the British Gurkha Regiments as their standard issue sidearm for Officer's.
$149.95 $119.96

WWI Issue Vintage Kukri with Original Scabbard

This is a later and slightly smaller version of the traditional kukris.
$138.95 $111.16

Longleaf Traditional Antique Kukri with Reproduction Scabbard

This longleaf kukri was made for war. It has a straighter spine and longer blade than bhojpure. It comes with new scabbard made of wood and covered in leather.
$199.95 $159.96

WWI Issue Vintage Kukri

This WWI Issue Vintage Kukri is a later and slightly smaller version of the traditional kukris. This does not come with a scabbard.
$98.95 $79.16

Longleaf Traditional Antique Kukri

This Longleaf battle kukri has a straighter spine and longer blade than Bhojpure, and in the skilled hands of the Gurkha it became a frightening weapon indeed. These have all seen service with both the Nepali military and the British Army. All of the blades are marked in Devangari script with the date of manufacture.
$149.95 $119.96

Longleaf Traditional Antique Kukri with Original Scabbard and 2 Knives

This antique traditional, hand-made Longleaf Kukri includes an original Old Scabbard and may include 2 small knives (while supplies last). Approx. 19 inches long. Fair Condition.
$189.95 $151.96

BhojPure Traditional Kukri with Original Scabbard

The original BhojPure battle Kukri’s were made prior to 1890 and was popular among Nepalese because it brings good fortune and prosperity. This comes complete with original scabbard and 2 small Kukri knives. Approx. 17 inches long.
$139.95 $111.96

BhojPure Traditional Antique Kukri

These original battle kukri’s were made prior to 1890. Each kukri is hand made; the steel was smelted, forged, shaped and hammered in Nepal by individual Kamis. Approx. 17" long, 2-1/2" wide, 3/8" thick.
$114.95 $91.96

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Victorian Era Nepalese Officer’s Kukri

Light weight knife with a deep fat belly, great tool. I assume by the overall fit an finish, a large amount were made in a rush. Looks aside the tool is well made, there are no cracks or fractures in this blade.
Reviewed by: Paul, August 14, 2021

Review of: WWI Issue Vintage Kukri with Original Scabbard

Excellent piece !!  Came well packaged and is a great addition to the collection.   Has some "black rust" patina in areas, but that is to be expected from an original antque kukri.  Scabbard is original to the kukri.
Reviewed by: Dan, July 25, 2021

Review of: WWI Issue Vintage Kukri with Original Scabbard

5/5. This was shipped out promptly, and easily exceeded my expectations! The item was packed well and was in very good condition upon arrival. I will be a continuing customer.
Reviewed by: Wesley, July 09, 2021

Review of: WWI Issue Vintage Kukri with Original Scabbard

I ordered a hand-selected WW I Kukri with original sheath and was pleasantly surprised to receive a kukri that exceeded my expectations.  The blade is in outstanding condition and still has an edge.  The grip has a few chips and well worn from use but in good shape. The sheath is also well worn and the leather is in need of conditioning but fully intact and functional.  Very happy with my purchase!
Reviewed by: John, July 01, 2021

Review of: WWI Issue Vintage Kukri with Original Scabbard

I have many of the Victorian Era Kukri. Quite a few I purchased from Atlanta Cutlery. I alway request hand selected. I have never been disappointed with the Kukri I received. I purchased this complete WW1 Kukri and scabbard kit, hand selected. This was one of the very best antique khukuri I have received thus far. The blade was in excellent condition with no chips or rolls and was sharp! . . . I mean paper slicing sharp. I highly recommend purchasing one of these before they are gone. . . By the way, I bought two more. Thank you ACC
Reviewed by: Timothy, April 19, 2021

Review of: WWI Issue Vintage Kukri

This was added to my kukri/knife collection awhile back (as have others from the AC buy-out of old Nepalese khuks).... It's sorta rough-looking but in fine shape as a USER kuk..I have refrained (so far) from cleaning it more than putting an edge on it and wiping it down good with knife oil.. Havent gotten to making my own leather sheath yet, as I do with most of my USER knives. Got it mainly for the collectability, as when these Nepalese antiques are sold out, there will be no more of them!
This does cut and chop just fine, and the wood grip is in decent, useable condition. only "complaint" is the small size of the grip. But that is part of the deal when buying knives like this- obviously these were made for issue to people with smaller hands than are common in 21'st century America. But it cuts just fine and seems to be made of good steel... especially considering the primitive conditions the steel was made under, and worked into a fighting blade. Eventually Godwilling I will get
around to making a carry sheath worthy of a primitive chopper like this! Am considering getting a blade or two to make my own grips for..
Reviewed by: Ranald, November 13, 2020

Review of: Longleaf Traditional Antique Kukri with Reproduction Scabbard

Great kukri - this came in good condition, but a bit dirty.  There was no active rust, but there was corrosion from years of storage and two significant dents in the edge.  I spent about an hour working on it with a rust eraser and a whetstone and got it back to almost original condition, though the dents would need much more work to take out.  Mine had a wooden handle which is very solid and in fairly decent shape.  In hand it feels authoritative and "choppy" in a good way.  If you haven't handled a historic kukri before then they're very interesting and very utilitarian.

To be honest, it wouldn't be my first choice for outdoor usage, but it would definitely work in a pinch.  As a collector piece... it's really, really good.  This is a vintage or antique blade, and when you think about it, the dents in my blade just indicate that it saw use during the day.  More likely than not, someone trusted this blade with their life when they took it with them on an expedition.
Reviewed by: Michael, July 21, 2019

Review of: Longleaf Traditional Antique Kukri with Reproduction Scabbard

I can't begin to tell you how much I loved this ! It was all I could have wished for . The knife was beautiful  and the reproduction was really well made . The two small knife's were nicer than I thought they'd be . I had wanted this item for some time now and it was well worth the wait . Really , really please . Will be  wanting to buy other products form Atlanta cutlery in the future .
Reviewed by: shawn, March 24, 2019

Review of: Longleaf Traditional Antique Kukri with Reproduction Scabbard

Great piece of history. Knife is huge and scary. Love it.
Reviewed by: jacob, February 07, 2019

Review of: WWI Issue Vintage Kukri with Original Scabbard

Very satisfied  
It's in very good condition , I might order next one soon thanks.
Reviewed by: , July 28, 2017